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Candidate quality matters. That means having what it takes to deliver on leadership and accountability. Our country needs fresh, energetic, and proven leadership that champions conservative values while inspiring the next generation. We are ready to fight the good fight.

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America needs a vision of optimism, opportunity, and results.

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Gov. Chris Sununu to Trump: We thank you for your service, but we are moving on

New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu gives his take on the 2024 election on ‘Special Report.’
— foxnews.com

live free or die pac

Sununu previews potential presidential bid, says Americans are “looking for results”

He promoted a “New Hampshire model” of leadership and said the American people are “looking for results.”
— cbsnews.com

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New Hampshire Gov. Sununu on the Republican Party’s future

Gov. Chris Sununu from the purple state of New Hampshire is considering a run for the GOP’s presidential nomination. He joins Geoff Bennett to discuss the presidential race and the future of the Republican Party.
— montanapbs.org

Help from donors like yourselves is what will make this change happen.